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Bis auf weiteres…Deutsch

So, jetzt war hier sehr lange Sendepause. Ich hab ein bißchen den Verdacht, daß es an meiner Faulheit liegen könnte, die mich am Posten hindert, wenn das ganze in ner anderen Sprache stattfindet.  Den Blog durch Aufteilung in Seiten sprachlich zu splitten hat sich als schwierig erwiesen. Bis ich ne Lösung hab, gibts halt einfach deutschsprachige Beiträge, obwohl der Rest auf Englisch ist. Ich seh schon kommen, daß ich die Internationalität aufgebe :-/



…well, ok, this is no podcast, so silence is probably not the right word.

I was planning to write about this discussion between FSSPX- priest Gaudron and Prof. Berger. I started, didn’t like the result, and finally didn’t post anything. Also I was juggling some things in my mind, about my study plans, some private stuff, some things that are faith-related as well.

There isn’t really an excuse for not posting, but I’ll try to not let that happen again.

A new beginning

To be honest: this is not my first blog. I abandoned my first one before it received any readers. Several things just didn’t fit anymore, starting with the blogs name. Maybe I’ll post a link to it somewhen later.

So, who am I and why am I blogging?

I was born in 1983 in Germany, was converted to the roman-catholic Church in 2006 (was converted, because it is not something you do like choosing a new pair of pants. It is a grace, a gift by God that you can accept or not), hold a Bachelor of Arts degree (which is totally worthless in Germany) and will go back to uni this fall. Other than that: currently discovered John Paul II „Theology of the Body“, very recently started to try living according to catholic standards when it comes to relationships and so on and noticing some remarkable changes since then. My depression hasn’t gone, but it got better.

If you think by now that this will be another catholic single girl blog: yes. Another blog by someone with emotional issues: also yes. But I am working on this one.

Still here?