Theology of the Chapel Veil

Now that I probably have your attention again, I thought I could provide a link to a text I found interesting.

This is one of the topics I am juggling around in my mind for months now. Tell me what you think about it.

I still haven’t come to any kind of conclusion. There are both arguments I find convincing that are in favor of wearing a headcover in Church/ in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and arguments that I find convincing that say it isn’t neccessary/important/ appropriate. So any kind of input is welcome. I won’t neccessarily agree with you, but learning what others think always help me to find my own position, because I notice that I agree or disagree on some points.

Here you go: Theology of the Chapel Veil

Eine Antwort zu “Theology of the Chapel Veil

  1. To my mind the veil is „only“ a sign. It means if nobody understand this sign it is no more a sign. That is why in my opinion you should wear a veil only if it makes sense (at least for you) and if it doesn’t shock anyone else.
    But that’s only my own opinion and I would be very happy to discuss it.

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