Tagesarchiv: Mai 24, 2009

Losing weight

I’d have some serious topics in mind, but after a great day with a lithuanian friend (with the taxi to Mass, because her bus was late, from Mass to Starbucks, where she taught me the phonetics of lithuanian vowels…oh my, and I thought polish was difficult…and then finally off to a fun afternoon at the zoo…) I am just too tired.

People who know me might probably know that I am losing weight. 10 kg since January. And today I took my measurements and noticed that I lost a lot on the waist, tighs and even 3 cm on the hips. And that despite the bi-weekly grande caramel macchiato with soy milk 😉


Some reflections about a public disputatio/discussion between one of the most famous german theologicans, Prof. Berger, a very witty priest of our Church and a priest of the FSSPX that took place about two weeks ago might follow in the next couple of days.