Elections I

In june it is election time, there’s the election for the European parliament and also, at least where I live, regional elections. And I have a problem. I have no idea what party to vote for. I won’t vote right-wing and I won’t vote left-wing, the SPD is too left-wing already and the CDU just totally lost their profile as a christian party. The liberals (not liberal in the american sense! ) are what I would favour when it comes to economy but other than that…

Today I was at a conference organized by the liberals with Prof. Dr. Dr. Hasenhüttl (for those who can read german and don’t know him, here’s the wiki, for everyone else: he is a theologican and suspended priest who wants the celibacy of the priests to be abolished, who invited non-catholics to receive the Eucharist during a „service in catholic rite“ in a protestant church with more than 2000 people taking part and is convinced that core beliefs of christianity/catholicism like the resurrection are „symbols“…well, you get what kind of guy he is by now. Some kind of Uta Ranke-Heinemann, male version.)

What can I say…the majority of the audience agreed with him on all the points where I strictly disagree, and that same party also was in favor of a proposition to the European Parliament concerning our pope Benedicts viewpoint on condoms- they see this viewpoint as a violation of human rights. Yeah. Right.

So, no right wingers for me, no socialdemocrats, greens or „post“communists either, no CDU or FDP.

What else is there?

5 Antworten zu “Elections I

  1. how did CDU lose their status as Christians?

    • Well, in my opinion they are in favour of too many things that I feel aren’t things that should be supported by Christians. That doesn’t mean that the single member isn’t a Christian, most are, but currently the CDU tends to compromise too much.

  2. I agree completely with your pain, I’m feeling the same.

    I’ll be voting against the greater evil. I believe that a coalition SPD-Greens-Communists will be by far the greater catastrophe for Germany than CDU-SPD or CDU-FDP. CDU is getting less and less electable for me since von der Leyen started censoring the Internet. I’ll probably be voting FDP – they are the least bad economically, and when it comes to Christianity, well, we have been told 2000 years ago that we would be persecuted, so this is nothing we can really avoid…

    Lots of good discussions on this here:

    • There’s a new party but I don’t know much about them yet, the AUF: http://www.auf-partei.de/

      I’ll try to find more information about them. Currently I am desperately seeking alternatives to voting for the least evil party…

      And: it is a shame that Libertas can’t be voted for in Germany. They’d have my voice.

  3. It turned out that the AUF cooperates with Libertas for the upcoming elections. Those guys might really be an interesting option.

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