Tagesarchiv: Mai 10, 2009

Elections I

In june it is election time, there’s the election for the European parliament and also, at least where I live, regional elections. And I have a problem. I have no idea what party to vote for. I won’t vote right-wing and I won’t vote left-wing, the SPD is too left-wing already and the CDU just totally lost their profile as a christian party. The liberals (not liberal in the american sense! ) are what I would favour when it comes to economy but other than that…

Today I was at a conference organized by the liberals with Prof. Dr. Dr. Hasenhüttl (for those who can read german and don’t know him, here’s the wiki, for everyone else: he is a theologican and suspended priest who wants the celibacy of the priests to be abolished, who invited non-catholics to receive the Eucharist during a „service in catholic rite“ in a protestant church with more than 2000 people taking part and is convinced that core beliefs of christianity/catholicism like the resurrection are „symbols“…well, you get what kind of guy he is by now. Some kind of Uta Ranke-Heinemann, male version.)

What can I say…the majority of the audience agreed with him on all the points where I strictly disagree, and that same party also was in favor of a proposition to the European Parliament concerning our pope Benedicts viewpoint on condoms- they see this viewpoint as a violation of human rights. Yeah. Right.

So, no right wingers for me, no socialdemocrats, greens or „post“communists either, no CDU or FDP.

What else is there?