Learning from Jane Austen

Today I didn’t get up until 1 pm until I was awake far earlier. I was finishing my reading of Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility, and although I am not overly happy with the translation, it captivated me. Yesterday evening and today, while reading this novel, I understood some things. Without doubt, you all know those tests on facebook and so on where you can, for example, find out which Jane Austen heroine you are. I noticed that the results were always wrong for me, because, apparently, my choices reflected more how I want to be and not how I really am (or maybe those tests just suck).

I am like Marianne Dashwood. Overly emotional, and, like Marianne Dashwoods notices in the end, it is by my own feelings that I get hurt (well, not only, but when I am sad, and people who know me in real life can tell that this happens often, this is to a large part self-inflicted pain) and then dwell in self-pity.. I’d need an Elinor who can teach me a more prudent behaviour, self-control and- maybe most important- one of the main ingredients of Jane Austens novels. It is not wisdom.

It is common sense.

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