Monatsarchiv: Mai 2009

Losing weight

I’d have some serious topics in mind, but after a great day with a lithuanian friend (with the taxi to Mass, because her bus was late, from Mass to Starbucks, where she taught me the phonetics of lithuanian vowels…oh my, and I thought polish was difficult…and then finally off to a fun afternoon at the zoo…) I am just too tired.

People who know me might probably know that I am losing weight. 10 kg since January. And today I took my measurements and noticed that I lost a lot on the waist, tighs and even 3 cm on the hips. And that despite the bi-weekly grande caramel macchiato with soy milk 😉


Some reflections about a public disputatio/discussion between one of the most famous german theologicans, Prof. Berger, a very witty priest of our Church and a priest of the FSSPX that took place about two weeks ago might follow in the next couple of days.


Elections I

In june it is election time, there’s the election for the European parliament and also, at least where I live, regional elections. And I have a problem. I have no idea what party to vote for. I won’t vote right-wing and I won’t vote left-wing, the SPD is too left-wing already and the CDU just totally lost their profile as a christian party. The liberals (not liberal in the american sense! ) are what I would favour when it comes to economy but other than that…

Today I was at a conference organized by the liberals with Prof. Dr. Dr. Hasenhüttl (for those who can read german and don’t know him, here’s the wiki, for everyone else: he is a theologican and suspended priest who wants the celibacy of the priests to be abolished, who invited non-catholics to receive the Eucharist during a „service in catholic rite“ in a protestant church with more than 2000 people taking part and is convinced that core beliefs of christianity/catholicism like the resurrection are „symbols“…well, you get what kind of guy he is by now. Some kind of Uta Ranke-Heinemann, male version.)

What can I say…the majority of the audience agreed with him on all the points where I strictly disagree, and that same party also was in favor of a proposition to the European Parliament concerning our pope Benedicts viewpoint on condoms- they see this viewpoint as a violation of human rights. Yeah. Right.

So, no right wingers for me, no socialdemocrats, greens or „post“communists either, no CDU or FDP.

What else is there?

Learning from Jane Austen

Today I didn’t get up until 1 pm until I was awake far earlier. I was finishing my reading of Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility, and although I am not overly happy with the translation, it captivated me. Yesterday evening and today, while reading this novel, I understood some things. Without doubt, you all know those tests on facebook and so on where you can, for example, find out which Jane Austen heroine you are. I noticed that the results were always wrong for me, because, apparently, my choices reflected more how I want to be and not how I really am (or maybe those tests just suck).

I am like Marianne Dashwood. Overly emotional, and, like Marianne Dashwoods notices in the end, it is by my own feelings that I get hurt (well, not only, but when I am sad, and people who know me in real life can tell that this happens often, this is to a large part self-inflicted pain) and then dwell in self-pity.. I’d need an Elinor who can teach me a more prudent behaviour, self-control and- maybe most important- one of the main ingredients of Jane Austens novels. It is not wisdom.

It is common sense.